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Should I Be Using Online Training Software?

Today, an increasing number of businesses and organizations are shifting from traditional in-person training to online training software solutions. As proof, the industry is expected to grow from $250.8 billion USD in 2020 to a projected $457.8 billion USD in 2026.

The market is flush with digital learning platforms to fit most anyone’s needs. These new software platforms have some clear advantages for both teachers and learners alike.

If you’ve been using conventional approaches to training, you’ll be surprised at how easy, convenient, quick, and cost-effective these online training platforms can be!

Here are just a few reasons to consider making the switch.

Time is Money

The first — and for some companies, the biggest — advantage of online training software is the cost-benefit. Particularly from a productivity standpoint.

You don’t need to take a large number of employees away from their jobs at the same time – since learning can be done anywhere at any time. And work doesn’t need to be rescheduled to accommodate a set training session.

Plus, online training can save money on transit and lodgings – whether it’s flying a trainer into a regional office or requiring remote employees to come into a central training location

It can also cut down on the need for senior staff to take time out of their day every time a new employee needs to be trained. With digital course development tools, all you need to do is develop the course once – and it’s ready to go every time someone needs onboarding.

The software itself is extremely economical. While enterprise-level learning management systems can be expensive for small-to-medium-sized businesses, many course authoring platforms offer attractively priced subscriptions. Some even have “freemium” versions that offer basic functionality at no charge.

Finding efficiency and consistency

Using well-designed online training software is not only very efficient and effective: it also ensures greater consistency in the quality of training.

Let’s face it. Instructors in a classroom setting will often vary in terms of quality and presentation skills. Even a great instructor can have off-days.

While the personal touch of an in-person teacher can be a good thing, it’s important that everyone is on the same page through a consistent experience where nothing is missed.

As an added bonus, if an employee forgets something, online training materials allow people to go back and refresh their knowledge at any time in the future.

Online training software is easy

Finally, using online training software is becoming increasingly easy, both for the learners and those developing the courses. Once you’ve made your course, it’s made! You can access it and present it to your trainees anytime, and it will be ready. Plus, it’s easy to update your courses. All you need to do is change your file and re-share it with your facilitators to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

And once you get the hang of it, you can expect to see the amount of time you spend creating and administering individual training sessions to quickly decrease.

Is it time to start exploring online training software?

There are instances when the in-person approach is preferable: for example if you’re trying to convey a lesson where the learners might have a lot of questions, or cases where a hands-on demonstration is essential.

Some people might also see online learning as “impersonal,” as something that lacks that human element. While in-person, face-to-face training is invaluable in many cases, digital courses are an essential part of every company and organization’s toolkit. Also, with some added flair in terms of design and content, most learners will agree that these courses can be powerful, engaging, and informative.

There’s a reason so many companies are moving to online training. Today’s course authoring tools have proven to be ideally suited for businesses and organizations seeking easy, effective, and convenient ways to share knowledge.

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